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"Adam, thank you for the updates but unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be relocating to Davenport after all.  I've unscribed to the email service but I wanted to thank you for all the alerts and for having a well designed website.  So many of them don't come up to par."

"I merely wanted to say thank you when you helped us get our house. In the midst of the current housing crisis you didn't try to convince us of buying into homes that we could not afford. For that I simply wanted to say thank you."
-Nathan, Davenport

"Adam was very comforting, helpful, and he helped answer a lot of questions.  i will recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home."
- Mike, Geneseo

"Adam was WONDERFUL! Thank you!"
-Jamie, Davenport

"I have purchased 2 houses from Adam in the last 4 years.  I'll stay w/ him for the third!  I like Adam because he is not aggressive or pushy.  He does his job very well, but is laid back and comfortable to deal with."
-Kay, Davenport

"The performance provided by Adam Vucic made the real estate transaction like a simple walk in the park.  he was on top of all things that were needed to make it happen.  With fast and simple solutions.  He made us comfortable with a major transaction being in his hands undercontrol.  What a relief for us being from out of state and not being local.  He made it click.  Mel Foster Co. should be proud to have an agent like Adam Vucic.
P.S. Bottom line he is the man your customers deserve."
-Ed, from Chicago

"Adam did what it took to find us a house and get us in the house, and was absolutley awesome to work with."
-Adam & Bridget, Daveport

"Adam did a great job for us."
-Dennis & Janice, Bettendorf relocation

"Adam was awesome! Thank you very much Adam! You Rock!!"
-Connie, Moline

"Extremly knowledable, offeres great suggestions, and quick to answer questions.  Adam was an excellent Realtor!  I would definately use him again and reccommend him!"
-Melanie & Pete, Davenport

"We had a very pleasureable experience in working with Adam Vucic and Mel Foster.  We would recommend him to anyone selling their home in the Quad City area.  He is knowledgeable, attentive, prompt in returning calls, and meeting in person, he is freindly & overall excellent.  he made the experience of selling our home worry free."
-Mark, Parkview

"Thank you Mel Foster and Adam Vucic.  The help that Adam gave us in person and via the Internet and email made our move a painfree experience.  We would recomend you to our friends and family."
-Al & Mona, Davenport relocation

"My house prior to closing had a huge water leak and completly destroyed a finished basement.  Adam went out of his way to help repair the damage.  ...I am more than satidfied."
-Richard, Fort Madison

"Always able to fit me into his schedule when showing me houses I wanted to see.  Even if it was at night & weekends.  I always enjoyed his company.  Very nice man. :)"
-Javier & Maria, Davenport

"Adam was - Professional, courteous, prompt, a great go between me and the seller"
-Bill & Pat, Rock Island w/unrepresented seller

"Really good at his job, very helpful in showing homes & arranged financing."
-Brian & Lonna, Davenport

"Everything was over with in 20 minutes"
-Wilfred, Bettendorf

"Since the house we purchased was vacant, they pushed the paperwork through quickly and were able to move up our closing date."
-Eric & Tracey, Bettendorf

"Could contact Realtor at any time"
-John, Dixon

"Adam did an excellent job.  Would recommend him to others."
-Nick, Davenport

"Did a good job, patient."
-Kirk, Rock Island relocation

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