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Adam Vucic’s Listing Services and Marketing

Easily available via Email / Text/ Cell Phone

   , 563-210-3199

Comparative Market Study, CMA

            Overlook of the market to determine your best listing Price

Weekly Feedback

            You will always know what is going on with weekly updates via email

On line marketing reports

            See how many people throughout the country have viewed your home weekly

Staging advice

            Let me show you what to keep, what needs to leave, and what to accent

Market Updates

            Monthly to Bi-Monthly market updates. New Listings, Active, Sold, Pending

Construction advice

            Quick fixes and inexpensive ideas for the highest sales prices

Multiple Listing Service, MLS

            Full MLS exposure, 24 photos (max) completed property details and description

Relocation network, Leading RE companies of the World

            Buyers entering the area constantly through Deere, Alcoa, Arsenal, ect…

Realtor Open House

            Open to the public, I feed agents in the area and gather their feedback

Open Houses monthly 

            At sellers request and convenience 1-2 hour open houses held monthly

Agent interaction

            I work in conjunction with area agents and companies in efforts to sell listings

Agent Feedback

            I will supply you with all unbiased feedback that I receive. Good or Bad

Large network of contacts for anything needed

            You need it; I can probably give you a name to get it done, or find it fast

Local vendor discounts

            5-15% off select local venders; Flooring, Appliances, Painting Services, ect…

Print Marketing Exposure


            Professional yards signs, directional arrows, and Open House signs


            Custom monthly magazine where your home is featured

Flyers print and online available

            Custom home flyers for display outside, at your work, at open house, online

Open House Ad QC times / Dispatch

            Full color Sunday ad to maximize open house exposure and traffic

Neighborhood postcard

            Marketing to demographics that could be interested in your home

Digital Marketing Exposure


            Unlimited angles and pictures of you home. You have full input.

Email marketing

            Emails sent to realtors, buyers, and investors to expand your market saturation

Google Ads

            Ads that force my websites to the top of searches to drive traffic to your home

US Coverage by state

            View attached map to see how many states I have attracted to my site.

Internet Marketing & Websites

* ask for list, in excess of 25 sites.

Local Area Resource